Friday, 30 May 2014

The MTR's Domino Effect

Seems like the MTR's expansion projects are spiraling out of control
The MTR is in everyone's bad books now.

First it was the delay of the high-speed line to Shenzhen and Guangzhou, then the Sha Tin to Central link, next the extension of the Kwun Tong Line, then the South Island Line and now they are saying on the West Island Line too.

Officials are saying the Sai Ying Pun station is having problems and may not meet the December opening. Apparently there are problems with one of the exits and so the entire line will be delayed until the first quarter of next year or temporarily omit the stop.

The latest development has critics wondering if the MTR has bitten off more than it can handle, and then on top of that, the chronic labour shortage and unpredictable weather that apparently caused some of these delays in the first place.

For most people it's about the bottom line -- how much more are these large infrastructure projects going to cost and who's going to have to pay for it? But more importantly how much longer do we have to wait for these lines to fully open?

The construction of at least three apartment complexes are being built now in Kennedy Town and two in particular are banking on the MTR opening by the end of the year. Already the buses are heaving during the morning rush hour. How can they handle several thousand more residents in six months or less?

MTR officials claim they know what they're doing, but with this domino effect on these five projects, it seems like things are unravelling... Interestingly not a peep from MTR CEO Jay Walder these days...


  1. MTR having problems with the Kennedy Town extension for years including the West Kowloon line. Residents in the area complain of foundation problems and tearing down and rebuilding support beams costing 600 million HKD at least. This shows systematic incompetence at MTR management and entire organization in general. Reasons from the Tseung Kwan O and Kwun Tong line being down for hours during rush hour. Plus the several breakdowns in the old KCR line.

    Plus, acquisition of sub-standard Passenger Rail Cars and Rail Signal Hardware and Software from PRC China makes things worse with additional breakdowns and damages to the Tunnels due to PRC-made Rail Cars.

    This type of entertaining incidents will continue to occur as long as HK is NOT independent state.

    Of course Jay Walder isn't saying much, he already left MTR and took his final pay cheque...why should he care?

    1. Jay Walder hasn't technically left yet though he will do so early next year.