Sunday, 22 June 2014

Gathering Momentum

Despite the rain people voted in polling stations in 15 spots around Hong Kong
Today was the first day of polling stations in 15 points around Hong Kong to vote on the referendum. And by 10pm tonight (half an hour ago), there was a total of 693,354 who had cast their vote.

It's interesting to see those who previously didn't care much about district elections who came out this time in droves. A large number of them cited Beijing's release of the white paper as the reason why they felt strongly to make their voice heard.

Many friends on Facebook and Instagram post pictures of their screen shots to prove they had voted -- the new trendy badge of honour -- while others express frustration at not being able to enter the site.

The Chinese government is trying very hard to discredit the referendum with Chen Zuoer, former deputy director of the State Council's Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office being the latest person trotted out denouncing the civic vote.

And like other critics before him, Chen reiterated that all three proposals contravene the Basic Law. "I don't think the 'referendum' can truly reflect public opinion in Hong Kong," he said.

Chen added that "there were some dishonest elements during the process of conducting the public vote, which resulted in the failure to truly reflect public opinion".

Is this the best the pro-Beijing side can do?

Occupy Central leader Benny Tai Yiu-ting hit back in defiance. "I cannot see anything we are doing now is unlawful. If the Chinese authorities say we are doing something unlawful, please point out which acts are unlawful. Are we subject to any criminal liability, and if yes, why not arrest me now?"

Indeed. Which is why what China says has no credibility.

We all understand this referendum is not legally binding, but this is our way of telling Beijing we are not happy with how it has governed Hong Kong so far and its attitude towards the city.

Momentum could build to over 1 million votes well before June 29.

And if several hundred thousand people come out July 1, then Beijing has a big, big problem on its hands...

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