Tuesday, 24 June 2014

More Useless Rhetoric

In an interesting move, Leung Chun-ying says the vote reflects people's opinions
We just love how the mainland is getting all riled up about the civic referendum and thinking that imposing its ideology on us is going to scare us from voting.

Instead it just does the opposite.

The latest?

Nationalistic paper the Global Times has described the between 680,000 to 730,000 votes as "no match" for the 1.3 billion population of China.

Uh excuse me, but you don't have universal suffrage on the mainland so how can you even compare?

It also adds, "the Basic Law reflects the will of the whole nation as well... more than 1.3 billion people have the right to speak on Hong Kong's political reform".

Really? Since when?

I haven't heard any laobaixing being able to weigh in on how to govern Hong Kong...

And in an unusual move, Hong Kong Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying waded into the fray, saying the Global Times' editorial was wrong to put "the people of Hong Kong and China on confronting sides".

He went on to say "no matter how many people voted" and no matter how many of those votes could be "questionable", the majority of residents who took part were expressing their wish to elect the city's leader by universal suffrage in 2017. "This is a promise [enshrined] in the Basic Law," he said.

However Leung did not agree with the second question of the referendum of whether lawmakers should veto the election plan if it does not meet international standards, saying "international standards" is not found in Basic Law and that elections should be held according to the city's situation and within Basic Law.

Nevertheless, he clarified that the some 730,000 who participated in the referendum would not face any criminal liability despite China constantly condemning the poll as "illegal".

The mainland is so wrong on reading this issue that it's on the verge of farcical. We wonder what they're going to come up with next...

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