Friday, 11 July 2014

Micro Living

Interested in living in a flat this small in Taipo?
Hong Kong flats are getting smaller and smaller.

And that's not just the ones in town -- developer Cheung Kong (a la Li Ka-shing) has a new project called Mont Vert ("mount green") in Taipo where 196 of the flats are less than 200 square feet.

The smallest one has 177 sq ft -- leaving 97 sq ft for the living room, 13 sq ft for the kitchen, and 31 sq ft for the washroom.

These flats are similar in size to public housing studio flats that are rented out for HK$1,200 a month.

But they are selling for HK$10,000 per sq ft, making them about HK$1.7 million.

However these aren't the smallest flats around -- High Place built by Henderson Land in Kowloon City that will be released in September are 166 sq ft.

Apparently Mont Vert has a lot of interest from investors who want to rent out to tenants like mainland students who find the location not too far from Chinese University.

But no one is going to buy these micro flats for their own use. These are strictly for investment. But will it be worth it in the end?

It's incredible how small these flats can get -- does this mean people only have 10 articles of clothing and have no possessions whatsoever or they will stack everything up in boxes and weave around them in the room?

Whatever the case is, it's pretty claustrophobic to live in such tiny units. One wonders what that does to people psychologically, never mind the under HK$2 million price tag.

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  1. It won't be long before HK copies Japan's closet apartment buildings and sells them for 1 million for 100 sq ft flats (or just 40 sq ft true japanese like closet apartments for 400k)

    where is karma when people like Li Ka Shing is still alive, rich, and having multiple grandchildren for the stuff he has done to HK and humanity?