Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Hong Kong's New Normal

Looking at Hong Kong from a new perspective...
Hong Kongers are still reeling from Sunday's news about so-called election reform set out by the National People's Congress Standing Committee.

Many feel defeated and wonder how to move forward. There seems like there is no room for any negotiations. Take it or leave it.

Tonight I took the bus home after an early dinner and was surprised it was completely full. It got me thinking about each of these passengers, how we are all eking out a living on salaries that have not risen with inflation, rents and housing prices going through the roof, and with it the price of food in restaurants, new clothes and entertainment.

We are all in survival mode, thanks to the handful of tycoons who control the city, and a lame-duck government that carries out orders from Beijing.

Did Occupy Central push too much? Perhaps in China's eyes it did. There's confusion over whether there is still an appetite to commit civil disobedience now, and doing it on a public holiday seems useless.

In fact doing anything to protest now seems even more pathetic than what we did a few months ago.

What is going to happen to Hong Kong now? We are all just focused on trying to survive, instead of thinking outside the box and making Hong Kong grow and develop into a community and society we want to live in.

The city is fast losing its lustre with its "Lion Rock" spirit fast evaporating. It's not sheer hard work and determination that will get you far here -- it's who you know and have a pro-Beijing attitude.

The Hong Kong we used to know is fast disappearing before our eyes and we have to quickly adjust to the new normal...

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