Thursday, 23 October 2014

Picture of the Day: Lion Rock Supports the Umbrella Movement

Big enough sign for you? Unfurled this morning on the peak of Lion Rock
Around 11am this morning, a group of about 10 climbers called police from the peak of Lion Rock to say they were about to unfurl a banner "as long as two shipping containers".

The 6m x 28m yellow banner reads, "We want genuine universal suffrage", in response to Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying's remarks earlier this week that the poor should not have equality in elections.

The group calls itself "The Hong Kong Spidie", and putting the banner on Lion Rock has a lot of meaning.

Unlike Victoria Peak on Hong Kong Island which represents the tycoons, Lion Rock is a symbol of the average person, whose characteristics include perseverance and hardworking.

Any bets on how long the banner will stay up there for everyone to see?


  1. depends what the HK police used to remove the banner, using HK police climbers, maybe days...using HK helicopter paradrops, hours at best.

  2. Hi nulle... well it was taken down pretty much 24 hours later...

  3. well, I predicted that CCP/HK gov't won't allow that kind of message to be up for long...not surprised about HK gov't using helicopters..

    found out days ago that SCMP doubled the price of ads for occupy protesters AFTER SCMP agreed to original price...shows the proBeijing forces (ie SCMP, SingTao, ParkNShop) are scummy.

    1. HI nulle -- from what I understand the client was a school, and if it's education-related, then the SCMP usually gives a discount. But when the SCMP found out it was Occupy-related and not about education, then they were supposed to charge full price...