Monday, 10 November 2014

Lunch Treat

Four of us polished off half a roast goose for lunch!
Around noon, a colleague came over to me and said he had a craving for bo jai fan or claypot rice.

It's a great dish to have in the winter time, but unfortunately these claypot rice dishes aren't available until after dark. Why it's a dinner meal I have no idea, but that's just the way it is.

So we thought of another suggestion to eat roast goose instead. In Taipo there's only one place to hit, and that's Yat Lok (一樂燒臘). Last week it was awarded a Michelin star.

Even Anthony Bourdain has been there and in the restaurant there's a TV screen with a loop that shows the clip of him eating there. Other than that there's lots of aquariums probably for fung shui purposes.

We arrived before 1pm and there were still several tables available. We ordered half a roast goose, along with kale stir-fried with cured meats and sauages, as well as a plate of goose intestines stir-fried with salted vegetables and peppers.

I had a bowl of lai fun, or thick rice noodles with the roast goose, that arrived at the table with a slightly darker skin, but the meat was still very moist and tender. While I like eating the meatier pieces, I still like eating the leg part too and chewing the bone clean.

For me the kale was on the oilier side because of the cured meats, but was definitely flavourful to counter the bitterness of the vegetable.

Meanwhile the intestines were long bits and slightly crunchy which was new for me. I liked the pairing with the salty vegetables to add more savouriness to the dish.

The meal came to $450 for four of us, and while it was definitely more expensive than our canteen food, it was far superior than what we usually eat for lunch in the office!

A nice treat... once in a while...

Yat Lok 一樂燒臘
5 Tai Ming Lane
Taipo Market
2656 4732

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