Sunday, 16 November 2014

Picture of the Day: Discounted Lufsig

Stock up on Lufsigs while stocks last!
The other day when I was in Causeway Bay, I popped into Ikea to take a look around.

Note to self -- do not go on a Friday evening at 9pm. Traffic-wise, it looks deceptively fine in the store, as there aren't as many people checking out the showrooms.

Over a year ago Leung tried to have fun with Lufsig...
But once you arrive at the cashier, there are massive lines. 

I usually don't end up empty-handed in Ikea, and picked up a pack of napkins. But as soon as I saw the lines to pay, I gave up.

However, I noticed a bin with Lufsigs, or the wolf character in Little Red Riding Hood, who wears a red and white checkered shirt and jeans with suspenders, while holding grandma in his paw was on sale.

He became famous about last December when protesters threw the stuffed toy at Hong Kong Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying and it quickly gained notoriety because of his association with a wolf, and also the toy's Cantonese translation sounded like female genitalia.

These days protesters like to use the toy as a metaphor...
But now that it seems like the Umbrella Movement may be winding down in the next week or so, the Swedish retailer has also decided to move its Lufsig stock. Originally priced at HK$99.90 ($12.88), it's now HK$84.90!

With the discounted price, is that a subtle sign Leung has lost favour?

One can only hope...

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