Sunday, 21 December 2014

The (Quiet) China Invasion

Get more news from the motherland right on your doorstep!
State-owned China Daily is flexing its soft power by having its weekend edition distributed in the Saturday paper of the Vancouver Sun, and probably every other newspaper across the country in the Postmedia Network.

In the December 12 edition, there's a message to readers in the top right corner explaining the North America edition of China Daily will be renamed Canada Edition, and that it will be printed in Vancouver.

A letter to readers about China Daily
It goes on to say there will be interviews with Canadian politicians, heads of think tanks, academics and experts on the China-Canada relationship. And there will be profiles of Chinese businesses in Canada, and vice versa. In other words, stories on people who have positive things to say about the Chinese mainland...

Funnily enough it finishes the letter with "Most of all, we want you to enjoy this publication".

Flipping through it, there are lots of soft news stories, like how the Four Seasons Beijing is one of the top hotels in the Chinese capital, complete with a picture of the hotel's general manager receiving an award from the Canadian Consul-General.

It's the perfect platform for politicians and controversial figures to get their message across without the reporter fact checking their statements, and for the government -- oops I mean the paper -- to "report" on what Beijing thinks of Canada.

We wonder how much China Daily is paying to have its paper distributed within a relatively legitimate newspaper. But with print dying a slow death, The Vancouver Sun as well as the mighty Washington Post and has periodic China Daily supplements in The New York Times to supplement its income.

You can't really blame them for being willing accomplices, but at the same time, it is a sneaky way to literally get into potential readers' homes and present another view of China that is thinly-veiled propaganda...


  1. Didn't Russia Today try that with some newspapers in other parts of the world?

    And speaking of the (quiet) China invasion: while strolling about in Freiburg two weeks ago, I saw the name plate for that city's Confucius Institute...

    1. Hi YTSL -- Yes you're right about Russia Today! Probably following China Daily's lead...

      Interesting about the Confucius Institutes, though there's more backlash against them now...

  2. Goodness me: are you a couple of Japs?? I mean -- such hatred for poor ole
    China! Yet clearly you are not "whites"... Sorry, just asking!

    Posted by: "Just Curious"

    1. anonymous, you earned your you can go pound some polluted Shanxi or Shanzhan dirt..the scummy things CCP PRC China does DESERVED to be matter how much money, sugarcoating, or pieces of shit Confucian Institutes you build...

      CCP PRC China = "is a disease" --Smith, the Matrix

  3. one of these days, there needs to be newspaper exposing all the dirt and what is truly happening in China: human rights abuses, fake food, fake products, polluted air/sea/land, all the corruption including the premier and president..

    1. Hi nulle -- foreign media are trying to do their best to expose what's really going on in China...