Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Here We Go Again

Twenty-four pan-Democrats walk out of Legco with yellow umbrellas
Chief Secretary Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet Ngor addressed the Legislative Council this afternoon, announcing the second round of public consultation regarding Hong Kong's political reforms.

She said the public being able to vote for the next chief executive in 2017 was "an opportunity not to be missed" and "the only way to create a solid foundation for further democratization".

What a sales pitch.

But instead there is no change on how candidates will be nominated -- as decided by the national legislature in China on August 31 last year -- that the public must choose between two or three candidates who have been chosen by a 1,200-strong nominating committee.

Isn't this what people protested about for 79 days?

As a result, 24 pan-Democrats opened yellow umbrellas in Legco and stormed out while chanting, "I want real democracy".

The pan-Democrats had promised long ago to veto the government's public consultation, though Lam urged them to give up their protest.

Chief Secretary Lam is in tough position to deliver
"At this stage, any person refusing to participate in the consultation, or even vowing to veto any constitutional development proposal... is tantamount to depriving 5 million eligible voters of their opportunity to elect the chief executive by universal suffrage," she said.

"Even if certain 'legal space' is available, the 'political space' must be created by all of us. I urge all Lego members to think twice and not to destroy completely the limited 'political space' remaining before the second round of public consultation has yet to commence.

"Adopting a negative and uncomfortable attitude, or even taking confrontational acts... would only aggravate social conflict and internal attrition, and cause harm to the ... well being of the whole society.

Meanwhile some critics felt the consultation process did not acknowledge the Umbrella Movement and what protesters were demanding.

But a government spokesman said the report had "reflected truthfully the events related to constitutional development" from August 31 to December 15".

Yesterday the police announced over 30 key figures of the Umbrella Movement face prosecution and must report to Wan Chai police station. These include Civic Party's Alan Leong Kah-kit, League of Social Democrats' Leung Kwok-hung, as well as the Occupy Central trio: Reverend Chu Yiu-ming, Benny Tai Yiu-ting and Dr Chan Kin-man.

Federation of Students' Alex Chow Yong-kang was also named along with Joshua Wong Chi-fung and Eason Chung Hiu-wah, or Federation of Students.

They have been asked to to go police headquarters to assist in the investigation over unlawful assembly. Those who show up will be arrested for instigating, organizing or aiding and abetting an unlawful assembly over the 79 days.

Security Secretary falls asleep as Lam speaks in Legco!
So what is the government doing? Just as the consultation kicks off, it silences its loudest critics. How appropriate.

However, one should also observe, that while Carrie Lam was speaking in Legco, Security Secretary Lai Tung-lok was spotted in Legco slumped to one side and asleep!

Reports say he leaned so far to one side that it looked like he may fall off his chair!

Is this what Lai really thinks about political reform in Hong Kong? Sounds like Lam's speech was hardly invigorating...


  1. Can you imagine what would happen if, in 2017, the three Chief Executive candidates the public is presented with were CY Leung, Regina Ip and Starry Lee? This government is PATHETIC.