Saturday, 17 January 2015

Running for a Reason

People trying to find their names on the wall. Mine's there... somewhere...
This afternoon I picked up my runner's kit for the Standard Chartered Marathon next weekend. I'm not running 42km, but just under one-quarter of it (10K). While I've made great strides in fighting my cold in the last few days, I don't know if I'll be 100 percent for race day. Oh well!

Interesting that at the entrance to the area to claim the running kits, a gweilo was handing out small sheets of paper. Turns out it was to notify runners that the second ever Pyongyang International Marathon will take place April 12 this year, with the full marathon, half marathon and 10K.

Look! The green T-Rex wins the marathon!
"This is a unique opportunity to be part of history and to run in one of the world's most secretive and fascinating countries," the flyer says. Wonder how many people will be intrigued enough to sign up.

After collecting the kit, I quickly wandered the area where sponsors set up booths, and aside from the massive lineups to test people's fitness or play games to win prizes, there were Lego creations interpreting the upcoming marathon.

Perhaps the best one was having the green dinosaur from Toy Story winning the race...

A splash of yellow and umbrella logo to add to the race...
But also leaving Victoria Park, there were some men holding up plastic bags with a yellow wrist band and a sticker saying "I want genuine universal suffrage" with umbrella decals. They handed them out to anyone interested.

Wonder how many people will be wearing these paraphernalia next Sunday...

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