Saturday, 21 February 2015

Picture of the Day: Sheep in Stitches

A very big sheep knitting a giant red scarf at Elements
I just came back from dinner at Elements in Kowloon Station and the mall has a cute sheep theme -- no goats!

In one area, there's a gigantic sheep, and its body is a massive ball of yarn, and it is knitting a red scarf perhaps?

And then in another section of the mall there is a flock of sheep, and some of them are decorated with colourful knits. One in particular features crochet outfit of pink flowers and green leaves on its body -- complete with ankle bracelets too!

One sheep looking pretty in pink crochet flowers
The knitted hat on its head makes it look like a grandma sheep.

It's fun seeing how designers come up with different decorations each year. Thank goodness there's 12 animals for Chinese New Year to keep it fresh compared to say Christmas!

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