Friday, 27 February 2015

Wandering Sheung Wan and Taiping Shan

Clever frontage for a bar hidden behind this "shop" supposedly selling chops
Last Sunday after a delicious dim sum in Sai Ying Pun, some relatives and I walked around the Sheung Wan and Taiping Shan area.

Several piggies lined up with roast ducks too!
We saw a mix of old and new which juxtapose so well together, making Hong Kong a unique place to live in. As we walked along the start of Hollywood Road from the west, we saw a pine of pig carcasses hanging in a row on steel hooks.

One relative, who was visiting had to get a picture and I encouraged her to walk inside. The middle-aged men standing or sitting around invited us to come in, but warned the floor was slippery thanks to all the pig lard on the floor! Hanging above the carcasses were roast ducks too!

A cheerful mandarin tree plant
After climbing up hills and steps, we arrived in Taiping Shan. One deceptive shop front is Mrs Pound, or Pong Tai Tai in Chinese. In front is a display of all kinds of chops and rectangular-shaped stones that can be carved with Chinese characters.

But in fact this "shop" is a front for a bar inside -- if you can figure out how to get in. The hint is to press one of the buttons in the glass display...

Further along I spotted a cute mandarin orange tree plant in a small pot holder by a store front. What a wonderful way to liven up a space!

We also spotted a new restaurant that opened, and had a hand written sign apologizing for the slow service because of Chinese New Year. It looked cozy inside with an international menu. It may be a spot we come back to try.

An artistic homage to Dr Sun Yat-sen
Finally along Bridges Street, a wonderful colourful mosaic featuring Dr Sun Yat-sen in the top left corner and various buildings and street scenes of Hong Kong during the early 20th century.

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