Monday, 9 February 2015

Zhang Ziyi Says Yes

Fiancee Wang Feng gets down on one knee as he proposes to Zhang Ziyi
The big entertainment news today is that actress Zhang Ziyi is finally getting hitched.

Her rocker boyfriend Wang Feng threw a birthday party for her on the weekend to celebrate turning 36 today.

To top off the festivities, a white drone carrying a basket flew into the room to Wang, 43, where he picked up a small box from it, got down on one knee and proposed to Zhang with a whopping 9.15-carat diamond ring apparently from London's Moussaieff Jewellery and a ruby-diamond bracelet.

What girl who was keen to get married wouldn't say no to that?

Zhang is in complete shock as Wang gets a ring from the drone
The handout picture to the media shows Wang taking the box from the drone and Zhang looking completely surprised, covering her face with her hands and wearing a one-shoulder red dress. It's wonderful to see her unscripted.

The actress and star of such hits as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Memoirs of a Geisha and The Grandmaster has had a string of relationships, and from 2008-2010 was engaged to Israeli American billionaire Vivi Nevo where she tried to learn English.

She later dated Chinese TV host Sa Beining in 2011 before moving on to Wang, who was twice married before, divorcing his second wife in 2013. He has two daughters, one from each wife.

Maybe three times lucky for Wang?

On Zhang's Weibo account, she posted a picture of fireworks with "Yes, I will [marry you]".

Wang reposted the picture and added: "Thanks for completing my life. All the hardship is past. From now we are together till we're old.

"We have experienced happy times and bitter times. I hope Ziyi will always have happy times. If we grow old, I will still be able to look after you," he tearfully proposed.

So maybe money isn't what Zhang wants -- according to gossips, she makes 20 times more than Wang.

We wish all the best for the couple -- Zhang has looked a long time for love and hopefully this is it.

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