Saturday, 28 March 2015

Gov't Backpedals on Dancing Grannies

The "dancing grannies" can continue line dancing in public spaces
A few days ago I wrote a post about the Chinese government issuing 12 model routines "dancing grannies" should follow to develop "healthy, watchable, scientific, and wide-ranging dancing".

There were 12 videos people could follow, but they were hardly featuring the right demographic in these "model routines" -- scantily clad young women in aerobic gear.

Needless to say the "dancing grannies" raised an uproar and now it seems Chinese sports officials are backpedaling on cracking down on these middle-aged to elderly women who have fun and exercise by doing line dancing or square dancing out in public spaces.

So it's not surprising the "dancing grannies" and their supporters criticized the new rules and routines, complaining they were robotic, and not interesting to watch or participate if every one did the same dance steps.

Although the statement initially posted on the General Administration of Sport's website had explicitly declared the end of personalized routines and the imposition of a national standard, officials later clarified that the 12 model routines were only mean to provide "scientifically sound alternatives" to existing ones.

"We saw that some people on the internet were worried that the new regulations meant all over China people would only be allowed to dance these 12 routines," Liu Guoyong, of the General Administration of Sport told the media. "Of course that's impossible. It's a misunderstanding."

Ah-ha! A "misunderstanding". So it doesn't seem like the authorities will be able to check on the some 100 million people participating in dance groups in every town, city and province, so the "dancing grannies" will be able to continue dancing to their own tunes.

So while it's a relief to hear the "dancing grannies" don't have to copy the routines anytime soon, what about regulating the noise levels so that some people can have a bit of peace?

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