Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Hiding from Reality

Where is Leung Chai-yan? Does she want to be in show business or not?
The saga of the Hong Kong Chief Executive's daughter continues. Leung Chai-yan rebels against her traditional-sounding parents, apparently harms herself and broadcasts it on Facebook. Then she does a television interview, giving the audience a hint about life growing up in the Leung household.

But then Leung makes a 180-degree turn, saying how wonderful her father is, then goes back to her wayward ways.

She decides she doesn't want to pursue the boring profession of law and would rather be in show business instead and signs up to be one of the leads in a romantic comedy directed by Wynn Lau Chun-fai.

However, she doesn't show up for the press conference and disappears yet again.

The latest is that she hasn't shown up for work and the crew have lost contact with her for almost two weeks. Filming was supposed to start this past Sunday.

The "schedule has been made messy because of Chai-yan," Lau said. "We are fed up with her. If she fails to show up or give a concrete reply soon, we may have to consider legal action."

There had been rumours Leung wanted to quit the film so her parents forked out a lot of money to compensate the production company. But Lau said he never heard anything about her not wanting to do the romantic comedy anymore.

While Lau does not regret signing up Leung for the film tentatively titled Male Extreme Search Light, he admitted perhaps production would be smoother without her.

In a recent Ming Pao interview, Leung said her parents had no problem with her acting, but they had mixed opinions about Lau, who had produced or directed adult films. He worked on the erotic film Temptation Summary and its sequel, and several thrillers.

"Does making Category III movies make me a cheap director?" Lau asked. "Ang Lee has also directed Category III films. Is Ang Lee cheap?" Lau added, referring to Lee's award-winning Lust, Caution.

Ah the drama! Leung is obviously lacking a serious dose of professionalism -- does she want to be in show business or not? Why is she throwing away a decent opportunity to show off her acting chops?

That's what we're all dying to know.

Either someone behind the scenes is trying to do damage control, or Leung has some major personal issues to work out...


  1. The chances of that acidic, self-obsessed little drama queen having acting chops are about nil. She's just out to get attention, and sadly people are lining up to give it to her.

    1. HI Anonymous -- Well I think after this fiasco no one will give her another chance!