Tuesday, 17 March 2015

More Drama with Leung Chai-yan

The soap opera at Leung Chun-ying's home continues with Chai-yan
We interrupt our regular programming to bring some bizarre news from Hong Kong's Government House.

Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying's daughter Chai-yan was in the news today after she she wrote some Facebook status messages suggesting she was being physically harmed by her parents.

At 7am this morning she wrote:

And then within the same hour she also wrote: "I'd rather be living on benefits sleeping on a couch eating cup of noodles everyday than living the life I'm living now," and "I honestly wouldn't give a single fuck if my parents died right now this minute."

Then she added a "life event" on her Facebook wall, declaring her departure from home "forever".

She later posted "off to hospital" as paramedics arrived at Government House after receiving a call at 10.50am. A spokeswoman for emergency services said that at 11.45am the ambulance left because no one needed hospital treatment.

According to her, she did call the ambulance, but wasn't allowed to leave the residence.

What is going on?

Did Regina Leung Tong Ching-yi assault her daughter? If so, were there any injuries?

What precipitated this incident?

Too many questions and hardly any answers.

This afternoon all Leung Chun-ying would say was that his daughter needed space, denied his wife had hit Chai-yan, and that she was barred from leaving the house.

He said his daughter had been suffering "health problems" and had emotional problems since she began her studies in the UK.

"As a daughter of a public officer, she has been facing tremendous pressure in life," Leung said. "Meanwhile there are many public functions at Government House and therefore she could not have a quiet environment to recover."

He added that no one suffered any injuries, and as for her being apparently barred from leaving the home, Leung said: "You can use common sense to judge, how can anyone possibly imprison a person in Government House."

Leung's domestic issues are even more dramatic than the political ones. Chai-yan's presence in Hong Kong has made covering her father even more interesting these days and keeping their handlers working in overdrive...


  1. Pitiable Parents the world over: this daughter surely seems demented, but errant, grief-bringing offsprings seem plentiful: Heather Cho, Jaycee Chan, Bo Guagua, among others.