Monday, 25 May 2015

Picture of the Day: Toby in Hong Kong

Meet Toby, your BFF in Hong Kong
Hong Kong's shopping malls continue to be in a race to find the next coolest thing to promote (within budget), which is why we won't be seeing the likes of that giant yellow rubber duck anytime soon.

Times Square in Causeway Bay currently has "Happy Toby to You" by Gary Baseman, who is coincidentally celebrating 10 years of Toby, a seemingly feline cartoon with a fez hat.

Party time with Toby and his pals celebrating 10 years
The American artist says: "Toby is your shadow. Your mirror. Your best friend in the whole wide world. He can smell your fear. He is addicted to your insecurity. He knows how to push your buttons. He is no Teacher's Pet. He loves you. He truly loves you".

The artist, illustrator, animator, toy designer, TV/film producer and performance artist likes to explore what he calls "pervasive art", where the goal is to blur the lines between fine art and commercial art.

In the Times Square Living Room Museum until June 11, check out what Toby and his friends are up to in the city -- it's a wacky sight.


  1. Your blog post is spot on - sometimes I do wonder what exhibitions the shopping malls have launched. There have been some really weird ones! And also most bizarre, the Times Square Living Room Museum appeared in December and then in April/May it was shut down. Now it has been rebuilt again... that's not very efficient, hm?

    1. HI! Thanks for reading the post! Seems the shopping malls are desperate for ways to lure shoppers in... but more and more so these days! And the Living Room Museum seems to have come about after mall management was tired of shooing away buskers who hung out there... so now it has its own platform to showcase talent it deems as good...!