Friday, 10 July 2015

Picture of the Day: Mainland Tourists

A Chinese visitor climbing Mont Saint-Michel in high heels
Throughout our trip in France we didn't see hordes of mainland tourists like I had read about before, though we did see lots of them in Galeries Lafayette with shopping bags.

As usual they were loud, though they didn't think they were. Many spoke various dialects and hard to tell exactly where they were from. Most looked like they were in their 40s and 50s, not sophisticated, but made sure they bought the right luxury brands.

However at Mont Saint-Michel, the abbey on the rock in Normandy, we saw a group of mainland tourists climbing up the over 270 steps with us -- and one of them was in high heels. It reminded me of stories in Chinese state media years ago warning visitors not to wear heels when walking along the Great Wall to avoid injuries.

One would think it would be an obvious choice to wear comfortable shoes when sightseeing, but for this young woman -- complete with yellow duck backpack -- heeled sandals and a dress are appropriate holiday wear...


  1. You may have been off-cycle with the tourist buses. My experience has been that the buses have a set schedule and itinerary. If you are unlucky to be on the same schedule, then every place is packed. If you are off of their cycle, then places are indeed going to be much less crowded. -- Tina

    1. Hi Tina -- For example we went to Giverny in the morning, and our tour guide expected it to be packed, but she was pleasantly surprised to find it was not too bad. We were able to get family snaps in without too many or no one behind us. At Mont St Michel, everyone went around the same time because you need a lot of time to go there, explore and come back, so it was hard to predict.