Thursday, 10 September 2015

Hong Kong's Liability

Leung Chun-ying is hardly the public's favourite politician these days
On Tuesday evening I went to a hotel in Admiralty for a dinner presented by an American guest chef.

I and another friend arrived on time, but then were told to wait 20 minutes, as all the diners would be served at the same time.

But after we were seated half an hour later, it wasn't until almost another hour later before dinner started, hosted by the hotel.

It turns out there was an incident downstairs and hotel staff, including the general manager had to handle a crisis situation.

A local university was holding an event to thank someone for donating to the tertiary institution. However, a group of students crashed the party, claiming the donation had dubious origins.

And to create more drama, one of the students even threatened to jump -- from one floor above.

The hotel had to call police and ambulances just in case, and the incident was eventually resolved.

David Akers-Jones says Leung is not loveable...
Perhaps one of the main reasons why the students barged in on the event was because Hong Kong Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying was there.

While his popularity has now stabilized from free fall, his presence anywhere is a liability.

Or did the university not know that?

Former chief secretary David Akers-Jones who was also a Leung supporter (though we don't know now), recently described the chief executive as having a reticent personality, "and he doesn't have the art of making or causing people to love him".

"If you look at people we have known, CH Tung, David Wilson... Look at the queue when Edward Youde died, and yet he's a very strict man, but they loved him... but CY, I have said it for you," Akers-Jones said.

Not exactly flattering.

If Leung wants to go for another term, he'll have to do a serious makeover.

Any bets for him in 2017?

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