Monday, 19 October 2015

Hanging Out in Central Park

Some leaves had changed colour, but for the most part trees were still green
In New York I got a chance to go through Central Park twice, and it's an amazing green gem for the city to have. I heard that the diameter of the park is 10km and within it there are numerous paths and things to see and do in there.

A tribute to a Massachusetts senator
The first time I went to the park was to cut through from east to west and took the shortest path. I was feeling hungry so I stopped by one of the food carts and got a $2 pretzel, which, by the way, has 440 calories!

It was great not having to worry about car traffic because it was Columbus Day, and so there were only cyclists and runners to watch out for. Along the way I saw a statue of Daniel Webster, who was a Massachusetts senator known for his eloquence and oratory skills, and the beautiful Bethesda Fountain with an angel on top.

In the Gospel of John, an angel blesses the pool of Bethesda and gives it healing powers. And here, the fountain commemorates the Croton water system, which first brought fresh water to New York in 1842.

Crossing directly across only took about 40 minutes, including a quick pit stop to Strawberry Fields and take a picture of the Imagine mosaic while listening to a guy on a guitar sing Beatles songs.

Hanging out in Strawberry Fields... forever...
The second time we went to the park was a circuitous route and tried to find some trees that had their leaves change colour, but that proved to be a bit of a challenge with the relatively warm temperatures but we couldn't complain about the blue skies and fresh air.

Nevertheless we did bump into a guy who made giant bubbles that were lots of fun to watch, and no they weren't free -- he had no shame in expecting a tip. Guess someone has to pay for the bubble solution...

A giant bubble attacking me!

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