Saturday, 23 January 2016

Snow? No...

A screen grab of the Fanling video. Look like snowflakes to you?
Today the hot topic was the weather! It dipped into the single digits today, around 8 degrees Celsius.

My flat faces north and is by the water so when I walked outside this morning it was very windy which made it feel very cold.

Everyone seemed to be out early today to stock up in case it gets too cold to go out tomorrow when it's expected to drop to 6 degrees! The wet market was bustling with people, and the nearby Park n Shop had massive lines waiting at the cashier.

It was only made worse by people buying so much stuff, partly because they were celebrating their Chinese New Year eve dinners early too.

Taking pictures of frost at Tai Mo Shan
Nevertheless, on Facebook a video apparently taken in Fanling on the rooftop and showing what looked at first glance like snowflakes, but the Hong Kong Observatory quashed the possibility, as it was too warm to snow, despite issuing a frost warning around 1pm today.

However, many people were very surprised to see the video and believed it to be true...

I've been bundled up too and sitting next to the heater to keep warm! If only Hong Kong's flats were better built with some kind of insulation then we'd be a tad warmer...

And everyone thinks because I am from Canada that I am used to this weather. I am not. I don't like the cold!

The Hong Kong Observatory says it'll warm up later this week, though it'll be rainy...

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