Thursday, 11 February 2016

Don't Look Down, Look Up

Praying for good luck at Che Kung Temple may not necessarily come true...
Yesterday over 50,000 people went to Che Kung Temple in Sha Tin to pray for good luck and prosperity in the Year of the Monkey.

However it seems that all that praying isn't going to help much this year.

Today the Hang Seng Index fell to its lowest point since 1994 on the first day of trading after Chinese New Year, dropping 3.9 percent or 742.37 points to end the day at 18,545.80.

Analysts predicted a red start to the year, with declining commodity prices, capital outflows due to currency fluctuations and the impact of China's economic slowdown.

Even the first race day at Sha Tin had a betting turnover of HK$1.47 billion, down from last year's record HK$1.7 billion.

But sentiment was bad probably due to the added downer of the "riots" in Mongkok added to the pessimism.

Over 60 people were arrested, with ages ranging from 15 to 70. Thirty-seven of them appeared in court today, some charged with inciting riots.

It's not a good start and signs of a challenging year ahead economically.

But hopefully instead of radical localists, there should be grassroots movements to actively create a better Hong Kong, whether it be helping groups of underprivileged people, preserving the environment, or lobbying lawmakers to create change.

There are already many groups that do these things, but perhaps now is time to create a groundswell of support for them.

If we can't make gobs of money, can we at least establish the foundations for a better place for the next generation?

Making Hong Kong better doesn't start with government. It starts with us.

And since the government won't listen to us, we should take ownership of the city, creating a civil society that takes the high road. Not the ugly one down to violence.

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