Friday, 26 February 2016

Thanks, but No Thanks

Are you a Hong Kong "special talent" who wants residency in Beijing?
Are you interested in settling permanently in the mainland?

The Chinese government is keen to attract Hong Kong people to this sweet opportunity from March 1. Applicants considered "special talents" and their families from Hong Kong and Macau could not only get permanent residency but also Beijing household registration, or hukou.

That would definitely make you a bona fide mainlander.

Foreign "high-level talents", "innovative and entrepreneurial talents", and Hong Kong and Macau "high-level talents" who hold permanent residency or work residents permits, could also bring foreign domestic helpers to the capital.

Is that really a big bonus?

"Special talents" typically refers to senior managers and professionals with significant experience in hi-tech industries.

However, when asked about this latest development geared towards Hong Kong people in Beijing, some were not impressed.

"I am here because Beijing offers better job opportunities. Permanent residency is not a significant factor to make me stay," says George Yue Hong-chu, who has worked in Beijing in technology and operations management for eight years.

Yue has no plans to stay long term because it was difficult for him to integrate into the local culture, and pollution was another factor.

"Permanent residency may offer some benefits in medical and other areas, but these are not enough to attract me to stay for a very long time," he said.

An immigration consultant said Hong Kong senior executives didn't find local medical or educational services attractive, because most preferred international schools, hospitals and clinics.

But, if Hong Kong people did obtain hukou on the mainland, it would definitely help them enter industries that were previously restricted, or some people may find it attractive.

Talk about getting brownie points...

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