Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Bagging a Military Tiger

Guo Boxiong is the highest military official to date to be charged for graft
Looks like Chinese President Xi Jinping has caught another "tiger" in his anti-corruption campaign. This time it's retired military chief of the People's Liberation Army, Guo Boxiong, 74, charged with taking bribes worth 80 million yuan.

He has apparently "confessed unsparingly" to his wrongdoings. Guo retired in 2013 and was under investigation last year, and expelled from the Party in July.

Apparently 80 million yuan is only a fraction of the amount Guo actually received, as prosecutors didn't want to play this up, which seems strange, but all may be revealed later.

Xi's relatives have been named in the Panama Papers
Previously Guo was considered the most powerful professional soldier in former president Hu Jintao's two terms. As the former vice chairman of the Central Military Commission, Guo was in charge of the day-to-day operations of the world's largest army for a decade.

He had a powerbase in the Lanzhou Military Command, the largest of the seven commands that made up the PLA before the system was overhauled this year.

The command oversaw five far-western provinces and regions, including Xinjiang.

While Guo's case is likely to be held in a closed-door military court, state media will probably have a field day revealing details of the case afterwards to justify why this tiger was caught.

Li Peng's daughter, Li Xiaolin apparently has shell companies
It seems like there is a bottomless pit of people to catch, though with the release of the Panama Papers that point out Xi's relatives, in particular his brother-in-law Deng Jiagui, has used shell companies to hide wealth.

Li Xiaolin, former premier Li Peng's daughter is also named in the documents, along with eight former and current members of China's Politburo.

But of course, this kind of news was conveniently rubbed out on the mainland, and when asked by foreign reporters about this, Hong Lei, the official spokesperson said: "For such groundless accusations I have no comment."

The Chinese equivalent of, "Nothing to see here folks, move along!"

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  1. actually, according to the Panama Papers, every member of the current Chinese Politburo, including Xi Jinping have family members or themselves involved with this.

    I guess every person of the CCP Politburo should be jailed for corruption then. Then again, CCP Politburo is above the 'law' just like the authoritian CCP.