Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Luggage Gate with CY Leung Continues...

The saga over Leung Chung-yan (far right) and her left luggage continues
Hong Kong Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying's luggage-gate will not go away.

The Airport Authority issued a report Monday saying his wife Regina Leung Tong Ching-yee tried to take her daughter Chung-yan's luggage to the boarding gate but was refused entry (of course).

However, Leung denies she even tried to do that.

Today ahead of a weekly Executive Council meeting, he said there may have been some confusion at the time, which may have led to some having the impression that his wife wanted to deliver the luggage to her daughter directly.

The Airport Authority issued its report on Monday
"My wife had no boarding pass. So it's impossible for her to go to the boarding gate," Leung said. He explained that she only wanted to go to the pre-immigration clearance area.

The Airport Authority's report said Regina Leung "appeared upset" and asked why no one could deliver the luggage to her daughter.

"Then, Mrs Leung started to walk to L7 North Pre-Immigration stating that she would take the bag to the boarding gate herself," the report said.

"Avesco staff tried to stop Mrs Leung, but Mrs Leung kept walking to L7 North Pre-immigration," it continued.

The authority denied that the Leungs received any special privileges, as the bag was eventually delivered to Chung-yan just before she boarded her flight to San Francisco.

Leung added that, as per the report states, over 500 similar deliveries were made in the past year, so his daughter's case was not unusual.

Was it or wasn't it?

Chung-yan left her luggage somewhere around here...
We still can't understand how she could have left her luggage on the trolley at the Cathay Pacific check-in counter. Did she have a lot of luggage or is completely absent-minded? And wasn't her mother there to see her off? Didn't she notice her daughter didn't have all her things with her?

The only way to tell the actual sequence of events is to go back to the video surveillance recordings to see. But probably those were already wiped out...

The more Leung tries to deny his family got special treatment, the more the public finds it hard to believe... how will he dig himself out of this one?

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