Wednesday, 3 August 2016

China's Propaganda Smear Campaign

Joshua Wong is not advocating independence nor is he affiliated with the US
Beijing is really on a mission to destroy young activist Joshua Wong Chi-fung, with the latest smear campaign an example of when one goes overboard with the insults so it looks outrageous.

The Supreme People's Procuratorate -- China's highest prosecution agency -- has released a video claiming Wong is a pro-independence advocate who is backed by the United States and wants to turn China into another Syria.


If anything his party Demosisto isn't even advocating independence -- perhaps the Supreme People's Procuratorate has mixed him up with the Hong Kong National Party or Hong Kong Indigenous.

In any event, the video, posted on the Supreme People's Procuratorate's official weibo account, starts off with images of refugees from the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Central Asia starving, dying or being treated cruelly. Then this contrasts with images of a "harmonious" China, mostly militaristic ones.

"The shadow of internal and external troubles has not dispersed from the Chinese sky," the text says. "Tibet, Xinjiang, Hong Kong and Taiwan independence, as well as dissident leaders, lawyers who could fight until death and other agents of the Western forces are damaging China's internal stability and harmony by hook or by crook. Behind all these incidents, we can often catch a glimpse of the dark shadow of the Stars and Stripes."

Activist Zhai Yanmin was convicted of subverting state power
Wong's picture is shown twice in the video, one when he was on a hunger strike before the 2014 Occupy movement, and in a newspaper clipping from pro-Beijing Wen Wei Po, highlighting his "American background".

In this case, perhaps the Supreme People's Procuratorate has confused him up with his colleague Nathan Law Kwun-ching, who is the one with the American passport, not Wong, who has never studied in the US. And why bring up this two-year-old conspiracy again that has been proven false?

Not surprisingly Wong is frustrated by the video.

"... I've been smeared for a long time in the past," he said. "But it's very rare to see information released by communist officials on the mainland."

Wong posted his response on Facebook as well as news of pro-rights activist Zhai Yanmin convicted of subverting state power in Tianjin and given a suspended jail sentence.

Young people in the Sunflower Movement in Taipei
"[The sentence] is enough to prove the mainland's discredited legal system, and [the video]... is another example that there is no separation between the party and the country," Wong wrote.

He said he did not advocate for Hong Kong independence during the 2014 hunger strike, and that he viewed the "false statements" from the "state apparatus" as jokes.

The video also lumped in members of Taiwan's Sunflower Movement, who occupied the island's legislature in 2014 to protest a trade agreement with mainland China, saying they backed independence for Taiwan, and that they were also backed by the US.

In response, Lin Fei-fan, one of the leaders of the movement, said any revolution in Taiwan would not be Beijing's business because Taiwan was not a part of China.


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