Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Picture of the Day: Rain Again

Overcast and rainy, at times heavy too -- the forecast every day this past week
In the last week or so, temperatures in Hong Kong have dropped to high 20s because of the rain we've been getting day and night.

One minute the sky is covered in a grey gauze-like curtain of showers, and a few minutes later it clears up and maybe the sun pokes through, albeit briefly before showers appear again. It's as if the weather hasn't decided if it's rained enough yet.

Today the Hong Kong Observatory raised the Typhoon signal No. 1 and this evening it was upped to No. 3. There is currently a tropical depression that is intensifying south of Hong Kong, but by tomorrow will blow westward towards Hanoi.

Apart from having to carry umbrellas all the time and put on our plastic shoes and rubber boots, we're definitely not complaining about the temperatures that are much cooler than usual.

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