Friday, 12 August 2016

Xi Jinping, The Model Worker

Apparently Xi Jinping works so hard that he doesn't have lunch...
The former personal secretary to then President Hu Jintao and chief of the Party's General Office, Ling Jihua, was jailed for life last month for bribery and other crimes. And it seems the current president isn't content to let the matter rest, but continue the negative campaign against Ling and his boss.

The chief of staff to Xi Jinping Li Zhanshu revealed details about conflicts within the communist party's general secretariat in a transcript that was published on the website of People's Daily today.

"During the investigation [into Ling]... some had hidden facts and some had resisted the investigation. Those are not honest people," Li said in a speech delivered in June to the General Office.

Xi's staff reveals more allegations against Ling Jihua (centre)
"During Ling's stint in office, some people courted, pandered to, and flattered him without principles," he said.

Ling had worked for 17 years in the General Office, which handles security, health care, paperwork and logistics for senior leaders, and his last five years were as chief of this office.

This prime job came to a crashing end in March 2012 when his son was killed in a car accident involving a Ferrari and two women.

The incident not only left Ling completely exposed, but at least eight other colleagues too.

One was Huo Ke, who was the director of the office's secretary bureau. He was expelled from the party for taking bribes and leaking state secrets to Ling, according to state media reports.

Another was Xia Yong, the former director of the office's research branch, who was expelled from the country's top advisory body, which indirectly confirmed a reported investigation into his activities.

Does President Xi exercise? Inquiring minds want to know
"When Ling told you to tell a lie, if you really didn't care to tell the truth, you could at least remain silent; when Ling did wrong, if you didn't have the courage to expose it, you could at least refrain from being an accomplice," Li said.

He added all office employees, from drivers to chefs to guards and clerks -- must remain absolutely loyal to the party, echoing an instruction from Xi in 2014.

Li also explained Xi and other senior leaders worked long hours, explaining that documents could be sent to them as late as 11pm or midnight, and that during overseas state visits, Xi attended numerous meetings with heads of state and events each day.

And back at home, Xi wakes up early and returns home around 9pm or 10pm without having eaten lunch and still reads documents and handles daily administrative affairs, according to Li.

Sounds like Xi wants to prove that he and his colleagues are working hard to solve the country's problems and make the best decisions.

But does Xi really not eat lunch? His portly figure seems to deny Li's supposed observation.

Or does he have a really late dinner or snacks after hours?

That's what we really want to know...

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