Wednesday, 7 September 2016

CY Leung's Election Spin

What is Leung Chun-ying really thinking behind that broad smile?
Is Hong Kong Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying delusional or desperately trying to play down the results of the Legislative Council elections that saw 30 seats go to pro-democracy and localist parties, three more than four years ago?

He said those candidates who called for his removal had been voted out, and welcomed new faces, but the younger ones are already looking to make Leung sweat a bit more.

And he also rejected claims that the voters were unhappy with his government, suggesting instead the electorate were tired of those pan-democrats who used radical tactics like filibustering to oppose his policies.

Lau Siu-kai cautions Leung not all will be rosy next year
He really has no idea what he is going to be up against, or doesn't want Beijing to think this will be a problem he can't handle.

Leung even stated the elections don't have any bearing on the election for chief executive next year, and would not say if he would run again for another five-year term.

"The Legco election results have nothing to do with the chances of anyone who aspires to be the next chief executive of Hong Kong," he said.

Uh huh.

"Some candidates who obviously disagree with me seeking another term also failed to be elected," Leung said, but he was probably referring to Ricky Wong Wai-kay, whose platform was "ABC", or "Anyone but CY". Wong lost by 2,000 votes to Tanya Chan Suk-chong of the Civic Party.

James To says Leung isn't reading the election results properly
However, for Leung to think he's still safe in Beijing's eyes better think again.

Professor Lau Siu-kai, vice-chairman of the Chinese Association of Hong Kong and Macau Studies, a semi-official mainland think tank, said Beijing fully understood the election results reflected public discontent with the Leung administration.

"In the eyes of the central government, there is no Hongkonger who cannot be replaced," said Lau.

Veteran Democrat James To Kun-sun said, "Mr Leung must think Hong Kong people are stupid. Our election platform state clearly that we oppose him getting a second term."

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