Monday, 12 September 2016

Picture of the Day: Happy Birthday Leslie

A large stage set up at Tamar with screens to show the tribute concert
A few days ago I saw posters up on the MTR station advertising Leslie Cheung Kwok-wing's 60th birthday party.

But he passed away in 2003!

However his fervent and loyal fans have decided to get together and celebrate at Tamar tonight so I went to check it out briefly.

Hundreds of fans showed up for the free event
Wow -- it was a huge production -- a massive stage, seating for VIP guests and others stood by the sides. Even though it was free admission, there was a long lineup just to get in. A few of the fans we met had even come from Guizhou and Shenzhen for the event.

They all miss their "Goh Goh" or older brother so much. Some explained they were attracted to him because of his good looks, and later they felt he was very in tune with what people were going through. To them, Cheung was the embodiment of what a man should be like, handsome, sensitive, kind, hardworking and very determined. And they looked up to him like an older brother.

But why hold a birthday party for him when he's not there?

A big birthday card for Leslie from his fans
Perhaps it's a happy occasion for fans to use this as an excuse to play his songs, watch his film clips and reminisce. The other time they gather is on the sad anniversary of his suicide on April 1, 2003 at the Mandarin Oriental...

We're just impressed by not only the setup, but the turnout!

If only he could see his fans celebrating a milestone birthday for him! What would Cheung think?!


  1. Yo, I was there too -- and ended up staying pretty much for the entire duration! And yes, I often wish that Leslie Cheung truly knew how much his fans appreciated him...