Monday, 23 January 2017

A Leg-Up on the Competition?

Regina Ip gamely showing off her matching boots to host Stephen Chan
The race for the next chief executive of Hong Kong is already more interesting.

Regina Ip Lau Suk-yee made an appearance on Commercial Radio this morning and the visit was captured on Facebook Live.

The host, Stephen Chan Chi-wan has been getting each of the candidates to do something different to show another side of them, like having Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor and John Tsang Chun-wah take off their glasses.

Carrie Lam had trouble using her Octopus to Ap Lei Chau
However, Ip didn't have any because she claims she can still see quite well. Nevertheless the observant Chan noted that Ip's outfit, footwear and handbag were all matching, in a peacock blue.

She obliged, showing off the handbag and then pushed her chair back before holding up her leg with her hands to present the same blue coloured heeled boots.

Talk about trying to get a leg-up on the competition.

Her assistant later revealed the boots were bought at Lane Crawford for HK$1,000 two years ago. Interestingly no price quoted for the handbag.

Who else has matching clothes, shoes and handbags except maybe the Queen and the Duchess of Cornwall?

Lam recently moved to Convention Plaza in Wan Chai
After flashing some leg, Ip held up two Octopus cards, one for parking and one (we should note for seniors) to use on the MTR.

Chan asked her if she knew how to take the MTR to which she confidently replied affirmative.

It was a jab at Lam, who didn't seem to know how to use her Octopus card when she took the MTR to Ap Lei Chau to visit the community there.

Lam also bizarrely revealed that she ran out of toilet paper after recently moving into a serviced apartment in the Convention Centre, and that she took a taxi in the middle of the night to get some.

There were questions of how much carbon footprint she generated from her quest for TP, but isn't it more important that Lam be more familiar with the MTR?

If she doesn't really know how to use the MTR, how can she even begin to understand the issues the average Hong Kong person faces on a daily basis?

Commuters wait for many trains before getting on at rush hour
Every CE candidate should take the MTR at rush hour and see what it's like. It's no joke that one has to wait at least four or five trains to go by before getting on, and how commuters are squashed in there like sardines.

And they should visit people who live in subdivided flats, spending up to half of their salary on rent even though the living conditions are appalling. Why is it that when banks lend money for mortgages, the applicant cannot spend more than half their salary on the monthly payment back to the bank, but this rule is not applied to rents?

And they should see how much waste is generated on a daily basis, how many items are not recycled, and see how much food is dumped from households, restaurants and hotels, and how non-profits are trying to salvage a tiny fraction of that food, but more needs to be done.

The list could go on and on.

But we really have to give to Ip today for having a bit more fun, being game to show off what a fashion plate she is, though she did have to use her hand to raise her leg, which made us wonder where her core is...


  1. Taking a taxi to get some toilet paper is bad enough but Carrie Lam took the taxi from her service apartment in Wan Chai up to her former official home up on the Peak! Guess she doesn't know that, among other things, there is a 24 hour Wellcome over in neighboring Causeway Bay.

    1. Yep it doesn't look good on her at all, but she said it!