Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Spare Change could Make you Rich

Check your spare change to see if you have any old coins of value
Do you still have Hong Kong coins that bear Queen Elizabeth II's head on them? If you do, they could be worth more than face value.

Coins with the queen's head were phased out in 1993
An interesting fact to know is that coins with the queen's head were phased out before 1997 -- four years earlier to be exact.

Another intriguing piece of trivia is that by 2015, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority had collected 880 million pieces of queen's head coins worth HK$1 billion.

But there are still some in circulation, which the HKMA estimates is about 10 percent.
Coins with Queen Victoria could be worth a lot at auction

If you do have some old coins, pay attention!

A 5-cent coin bearing the queen's head recently sold at auction for HK$5,000 -- about 100,000 times its value.

Cheng Po-hung, a coin and stamp collector with his own shop, says some coins bearing the queen's head could be worth five to 10 times their face value, depending on how rare they are.

Those bearing the head of the Queen's father, King George VI, or earlier ones including that of King George V, Edward VII or Queen Victoria could also crop up and could fetch some handsome prices, he says.

Same also goes for coins with King George V and VI
I definitely don't have those much older coins from over a century ago, but maybe I'll have to wait a few more decades before selling my stash of queen's head coins... nevertheless it would be fun to look out for the older ones!

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