Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Hold Your Mother's Hand

Be like Xi Jinping and hold your mother's hand, OK?
The Chinese state -- or shall we say Chinese President Xi Jinping -- wants to tell you what to do.

And these days he wants you to hold your mother's hand.

On February 19, People's Daily began its "Hold Mother's Hand" #牵妈妈的手# campaign on social media, starting with a video about white collar workers in cities who are "too busy" to visit their mothers.

A video shows urban workers too busy to call their mothers
They are at work all day, while their mothers sit by themselves in the living room or kitchen by the phone, waiting for their child to call.

"How long has it been since you last spoke to your mother about what's on your mind?" the ad says. "How long has it been since you had a taste of your mother's cooking? Or since you went together on a walk? How long has it been since you held her hand?"

Talk about laying the guilt trip on thick.

Then there's a scene of a young woman scrolling through her phone and seeing a picture of President Xi holding his mother Qi Xin's hand during a stroll outside. He can be heard reading the first lines of a Tang poem: "慈母手中線,遊子身上衣", which means, "The threads from a caring mother's hand, are in the clothes of a traveling son".

After seeing this image of Xi, these workers then call mom
By the end of the video, people are smiling when they call their mothers, who in turn are so happy to hear from them.

Tugging at the heart strings.

But the image of Xi and his mother reiterates how he is the "People's Leader", and that he is the "Father of the nation", as his nickname is "Xi dada"...

So go on -- hold your mother's hand. Xi and she will be happy.

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