Friday, 11 January 2019

Love China and Get a Green Card

Tesla boss Elon Musk met with Premier Li Keqiang in Zhongnanhai, Beijing
China is hoping the upcoming Tesla factory in Shanghai will help keep the country's economy going.

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang met Tesla founder CEO Elon Musk on Wednesday at Zhongnanhai, headquarters of the Chinese Communist Party, two days after Tesla broke ground at its Gigafactory 3 project in Shanghai, its first production base outside of the United States.

The first overseas Tesla factory will be built in Shanghai
Perhaps Musk is looking for a more efficient and hardworking workforce and believes China is the ticket to help him fulfill all those orders for the Tesla 3.

"I love China and want to come here more often," Musk was quoted as saying in a report by

"If you do, we can issue you a Chinese green card," the premier replied.

There was no word on what Musk's reaction was, though he can very easily apply for a 10-year visa, or however many more years are left in his passport...

Sounds like Li is keen on making Musk happy, as the factory will be the first car plant to be wholly owned by a foreign company -- all previous ones were joint ventures -- after Beijing relaxed this requirement last year.

 Li offered Musk a green card... did he take up the offer?
Tesla must be the envy of other car manufacturers in China for being able wholly owned... we shall see if it all works out for Musk.

In the meantime, is he going to take advantage of Li's green card offer?

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