Thursday, 20 June 2019

More Protests Coming Tomorrow

Parents will be out protesting with their children at Tamar in Admiralty
After embattled Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor gave her apology on Tuesday, not everyone was satisfied and six student unions demanded she meet four of their stipulations by 5pm on Thursday otherwise things would escalate to the next level.

The demands were to withdraw the extradition bill, withdraw their characterization of last Wednesday's clashes as  a "riot", drop all charges against protesters and investigate cases of alleged police brutality.

Civil Human Rights Front holding a press conference today
However, the deadline of 5pm today came and went so now people are mobilizing for a silent and peaceful protest surrounding government headquarters at Tamar starting at 7am tomorrow.

Not only the students will be descending on Tamar, but also parents, the organizer of the previous mass protests, Civil Human Rights Front, lawmakers and the public.

There are also plans for actions of non-cooperation, such as picnicking outside the Legislative Council complex, the Chief Executive's Office, the police headquarters, or Government House, Lam's residence.

Protesters can also choose to strike, boycott classes or "pay attention to road safety when using public transport or driving", or those in the judiciary can follow up on filing cases of police brutality.

Meanwhile, some 20 members from 11 social groups and two lawmakers, Dr Kwok Ka-ki of the Civic Party and Labour Party's Dr Fernando Chung Chiu-hung, stood in the heat outside of the Chief Executive's Office and called on Lam to meet with the young protesters and answer to their demands.

Students gathered at Tamar at an earlier protest
They also urged her to prevent further clashes between the police and protesters.

Tomorrow may be another day filled with tension, frustration and hope. As one colleague pointed out, the system is broken, and the only way we can voice our opinion is by going out into the streets. The government has no choice but to listen to the people... right?

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