Sunday, 17 November 2019

Hong Kong's Battle to the Death

Earlier in the day police tried to pummel the protesters with water cannons

Students and hardline protesters have been literally at war with the police at Hong Kong Polytechnic University all day today. Even though the police have water cannons and armoured vehicles, the protesters with their makeshift weapons have managed to fend them off for over 12 hours. One policeman was even shot in the leg with an arrow.

Water cannons unleashed blue dye on the protesters
At around 9pm, the protesters were given until 10pm to leave the campus, but guess who was waiting at all the exits? The police.

The kids are literally fighting to the death now and managed to stop an armoured truck from entering thanks to Molotov cocktails thrown at it. Pretty impressive.

Some lawmakers tried to negotiate with the police, like Ted Hui Chi-fung, except the police replied by pepper spraying him. 

Again the Hong Kong government is hiding behind the police who are doing all the dirty work, trying to clear the university and also unblock the Cross Harbour Tunnel so that life can get back to normal.

Molotov cocktails stopped an armoured truck from advancing
Except that life isn't normal here anymore.

I went out for dinner tonight at Causeway Bay and asked the host to push up dinner earlier. They complied and we met at 6pm thinking the MTR would still be running until 10pm. However at just after 7pm there was an announcement that the MTR would close at 8pm at Causeway Bay. How convenient.

By the time we finished dinner around 9.20pm disruptions were happening in Central... needless to say I waited for a bus and nothing came. It also didn't help that in the distance I could see three or four riot police with shields crossing the road. I walked to Queen's Road East and managed to catch a taxi.

A policeman with an arrow shot in his calf
At Cheung Kong Centre in Central I could see lots of riot police standing around, and then as the taxi drove by, I saw at least 10 young people behind detained by the police, some wearing white T-shirts. It was unsettling to see.

Meanwhile there are protesters who are surrounding the police who are surrounding Poly U.

It's going to be a sleepless night for everyone...

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