Monday, 14 January 2013

Police Chief and Son Caught Red Handed

Li Yali and his son won't be working for a while...
The cases of Chinese officials doing silly things and assuming they will get away with it continue to pile up.

The latest is a police chief in Taiyuan, capital of Shanxi province, who is now under probation for a year and is on track to be fired and kicked out of the Communist Party after he allegedly tried to cover up his son's drunk driving case.

Li Yali's son Li Zhengyuan apparently attacked the traffic officer who pulled him over on October 13.

According to a Xinhua report, Li Zhengyuan became angry and struck the officer when he asked Li to get out of the car.

Li told the officer he forgot his driver's license and instead handed him a public security bureau entry card, perhaps to insinuate that he had guanxi and could not be touched.

When the officer asked Li why someone from the public security bureau would assault a police officer, the officer said Li's reply was, "Yes, I am beating you up. Why can't I do that?"

The incident was also filmed by a witness and when it was posted online, it got numerous hits. The video also shows other passers by and policemen refusing to let Li Zhengyuan get into his car and drive off.  In the end he was escorted by police as he walked home.

Then it was revealed that investigators found Li Yali had violated relevant regulations and abused his power in investigating his son's case, Xinhua reported.

Not only that, but Li Yali was also in trouble for selling more than 100 police posts with the help of his son since he started the job in November 2011.

Apparently it was Li Zhengyuan who asked his father to reserve some spots for his friends. This was confirmed by one of Li Zhengyuan's friends or shall we say now former friend, Liu Bo, who is head of the Yingze police station.

Liu says in a report by Xinmin Weekly to have paid millions of renminbi to Li Yali and his son for the job and also acted as a middleman to help 20 others get police jobs.

Li Yali also gave his son a police gig in 2008, which explains why Li Zhengyuan had no clue about police procedure and thought beating up an officer was intimidating enough.

The father and son are only at the municipal and provincial level. Imagine how many more abuses there must be in the rest of the country?

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