Monday, 29 June 2015

Cruising Along the Seine

On the boat cruise along the Seine River around Paris
Last night we finished dinner around 8.30pm and had a fun dessert -- gelato scoops fashioned into rose petals on a cone! I had to eat mine quickly because it was melting so fast!

Looking back at the Musee d'Orsay at sunset
Then my cousin suggested we take a river cruise along the Seine River that starts at the Eiffel Tower. The two of us made it there just in time to catch the 10pm sailing for 14 euros.

The sun was starting to set at that time so it was wonderful to see the sky change colour, creating a dramatic backdrop for the Paris landmarks. However it was hard to take pictures from where we were sitting as we were the last few to board the boat.

Notre Dame against the backdrop of the sky changing colours
Nevertheless, the one-hour cruise had recordings in English, French and Spanish, that pointed out the various sites from the water -- Musee d'Orsay, Legion of d'Honneur, Notre Dame, and the various bridges we went under.

Along the way we saw people hanging out by the Seine, either as couples or a group, drinking and dancing. How lively even for a Sunday evening!

By the time we returned back to the Eiffel Tower it was almost 11pm, when the tower would light up in a glittering display -- lights flashing on and off frenetically for five minutes.

It was a good show and us and lots of other people went back to the metro station to go home and have a 6.30am wake up call!
The Eiffel Tower in a glittering sight

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