Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Picture of the Day: Mak's Noodles in Vancouver

One of the bite-sized wontons in my wonton noodle soup in Richmond
Yesterday we picked up our relatives from the airport who are visiting North America for the first time and since they were hungry after their flight from San Francisco, we decided to take them for a bite to eat at Mak's Noodles -- in Richmond, a municipality next to Vancouver.

It's in one of several strip malls in the area, and by the time we arrived, just before 3pm on a Sunday, the place was packed.

While this Mak's Noodles is a branch of the original in Hong Kong, the portion sizes are different. Here they are decent-sized bowls. The wontons are quite similar, small and there is a greater proportion of shrimp to pork. The noodles are good too, but the alkaline taste is not as pronounced and not cooked al dente.

Nevertheless, for a bowl of wonton noodles here it's CAD$5.75 (around HK$34), slightly cheaper than the HK$39 in Hong Kong -- and almost twice the portion of noodles.

The menu in the Richmond branch has many other dishes too, like congee, spring rolls and deep-fried dace balls.

Mak's Noodle House
Alexandra Plaza, 190-8291 Alexandra Road
(604) 231 8141

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