Friday, 25 November 2016

Clockenflap is Back

The Central skyline makes for a brilliant backdrop for Clockenflap this year
Tonight was the start of the three-day music festival Clockenflap and it's an eclectic selection of artists from various music genres, and local and international performers.

DJ Janette Slack's infectious beats gets people dancing
Because of construction going on at West Kowloon, Clockenflap has moved to Central Harbourfront, making it more convenient, and an interesting skyline backdrop too.

There was Ellen Loo warming up the crowd, who sang about pollution and rising housing costs, and DJ Jeanette Slack at the turntables putting on infectious beats that people couldn't help but dance to.

For some ethereal sound, there's Sigur Ros, a group from Iceland that sings its own language, but at another large stage was the granddaddy of funk, George Clinton of Parliament Funkadelic.

My colleague got to interview the man who inspired so many artists in hip hop, and even his granddaughter performs on stage with him. The man in his mid-70s doesn't know when to stop.

George Clinton signing albums for a superfan in a mask
When we walked into his trailer, it was literally a haze of smoke, and when it cleared we saw Clinton sitting on the sofa relaxed just before he went on stage.

One of the other journalists interviewing him was a humongous fan. How humongous? He had five vinyl records for Clinton to sign, and even wore a ski mask or balaclava that had an alien design on it, harking back to the days when the front man descended onto the stage from a space ship.

Clinton was so cool about the whole thing, and enjoyed chatting with the journalists who were big fans of his. He signed every album cover and his granddaughter was covering the entire proceedings on Facebook Live.

A panoramic shot of the festival grounds tonight
On stage he wore a completely sequinned jacket and was non stop on stage, even jumping up and down at the end. That man definitely has energy beyond his years.

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