Thursday, 16 March 2017

When will HK Micro Flats Stop?

Can you imagine owning and living in a small space like this?
The Hong Kong government has hinted it can force developers to build bigger flats at any time, but doesn't seem to think now is the time to intervene.

Secretary for Development Eric Ma Siu-cheung said measures could be inserted into land sale conditions "at any time" if it was deemed necessary.

But he stopped short of any immediate action, saying the number of "nano flats" still represented a fraction of the city's housing and he was confident the market would correct itself.

Eric Ma seems to think micro flats are still OK in the market
"We are concerned about this [situation]," said Ma during a television interview. "We hope flats will not become too small. They are OK for one person to live in, but [not] for a family."

You don't say!

There are flats as small as 152 square feet going for about HK$20,000 per square foot, and the smallest homes measure at 61 square feet.

Surely these are already too small to live in? Or does Ma not know what it's really like to live in 152 square feet with all of one's possessions? If 61 square feet isn't small, then what is?

"Of course we will monitor the situation and, if necessary, we can list out in the land sale conditions, for example, requirements for a unit's minimal floor area and quantities," he said. "We've done this in the past too... if necessary, we can do it any time. It's not difficult."

How can people live in these small spaces long term?
So when will that be? When are they going to pull the emergency alarm and tell developers they have to create more humane spaces for people to live in?

For the government to say it's closely watching the situation isn't good enough. It's basically negligence in looking out for the well-being of its citizens.


  1. I'd love for senior government officials to try living in microflats for at least one month. Especially if they don't come equipped with toilet paper (yes, that's a Carrie Lam reference), I'm sure many of them won't be able to last even 24 hours in them!

    1. Hi YTSL! Exactly! They don't have any idea how small these places are and so they don't seem to care...