Thursday, 20 April 2017

Miscellaneous Items on the MTR

Walking onto the MTR train, you don't know what you'll see on your commute
Hong Kong's MTR is arguably the most efficient form of public transport in the world. Not only is it a fast network, but also very clean, thanks to its policy of not eating drinking.

However there are people who violate this rule, many non-Chinese carrying takeaway coffee cups to help them wake up before going to work, while locals carry water bottles or juice.

MTR staff have seen people eat fast-food breakfasts on the train, and even cases of commuters freely eating durian and drinking beer! I have yet to witness this myself.

There have been reports of bizarre items brought onto trains too. One person carried a replica of the Green Dragon Crescent Blade [weapon used by Guan Yu in the historical novel, Romance of the Three Kingdoms], and long spears, while some others seemed to move house using the MTR.

Someone seemed to have a relaxing ride on the MTR...
They have carried washing machines, refrigerators, big mattresses and even wardrobes onto the train. Guess they didn't even want to hire a Go-Go Van or a taxi...

Again I haven't seen that either, though I have seen people bring small mattresses on the MTR one late evening when it wasn't too busy.

But there was someone who strung a hammock between two poles and lay in it!


  1. Just yesterday, I smelt durian in the MTR... While I love the fruit, its aroma is NOT something I want to smell in an air-conditioned, enclosed space! Still, that stench was not as strong as some people's body odor and the smell from their mildewed clothes. :S

    1. Wow! I have yet to smell or see durian on the train!