Thursday, 10 May 2018

Cozy Neighbourhood Restaurant

Highlight of the evening was the halibut cioppino with mussels and clams
When I was in Vancouver, my parents took me to a neighbourhood restaurant that I've been to before, but not recently. It's called La Buca on 24th Avenue and Macdonald. The small Italian restaurant has its menu written on a chalkboard that probably changes regularly.

A starter of asparagus with proscuitto and summer truffles
The staff read out each item and explain them clearly, so as not to embarrass anyone who doesn't understand each ingredient or cooking method. It's a very friendly way to make all customers comfortable.

Each of the dishes were executed well and were delicious. To start, my dad and I shared a rhurbarb salad, the rhubarb cut into chunks and poached, with a gorgonzola dressing topped with hazelnuts.

Another appetizer was green asparagus lying on a bed of thinly sliced proscuitto and topped with summer black truffle from Italy. What a treat.

For mains my mom had halibut cioppino, the fish was perfectly pan fried, and the meat flaking off with a fork. The fillet was surrounded by mussels, clams, shrimp and presented in a light tomato broth with scallions, onions and pearl barley.

simple but delicious tagliatelle with meat sauce
My dad ordered the pork ragu radiatore, the squiggly pasta with a decent amount of Parmesan shavings on top. The ragu was cooked till it was soft and was quite hearty, as was my dish of tagliatelle with beef sauce, though not tomato based. The homemade pastas for both dishes were springy and were well coated with their respective sauces.

The theme of rhubarb was in the desserts too, where our olive oil cake had long chunks of the red vegetable cooked in its juices and the cake had a dollop of ice cream. The cake was very moist with the rhubarb adding a tart flavour. Meanwhile the dark chocolate tart wasn't too sweet, though it was quite dense.

Hearty radiatore with pork ragu sauce
There was a steady stream of customers coming in while we were there, and we gave our table back almost half an hour before the appointed time because service was so efficient. 

La Buca
4025 Macdonald Street
Vancouver, BC
(604) 730 6988

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