Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Justice After Death

How the mighty have fallen. And they continue to fall.

Tony Chan Chun-chuen is back in court again to face charges of forger and use of a fake will purportedly signed by businesswoman Nina Wang Kung Yu-sum. He used this bogus will in a legal fight against Chinachem Charitable Foundation over her estimated HK$50 billion estate that he lost last year.

Wang died in 2007 of cancer at the age of 69.

The 52-year-old Chan is seeking to have the proceedings stopped for good, on the grounds that the "forged" will had been materially altered by chemicals used in forensic testing.

This kind of argument can only be thought up by creative lawyers who are paid good coinage by Chan -- if he still has money to pay them.

Thankfully this time around the trial will be a short one -- originally there were to be 26 witnesses to be called, but now an agreement with the prosecutors and defense, only three will be appearing -- two chemists and a police officer.

Prosecutor David Perry added the hearing could end next week instead of the originally estimated 30 days.

Taxpayers must be thrilled to bits at the cost-cutting measures this trial is taking.

There was also another separate hearing into Chan's assets yesterday.

High Court Master Reuden Lai Tat-cheung granted an order that placed a charge over certain properties owned by Chan. This means Chan's creditors can recoup their debt if the properties are sold.

The reason for this is because when Chan lost the massive court battle against Chinachem Charitable Foundation, he was ordered to pay most of the foundation's costs and all the estate administrator's costs from the lawsuit. The foundation is asking for HK$150 million and the administrators HK$160 million.

Last December, a judge froze HK$130 million of Chan's assets, saying there was a risk he will disperse what he had to avoid paying.

The buck pretty much stops here for the self-styled feng shui master. He and his lawyers can try to make up as many interesting arguments to drag the process through the courts, but we've all had enough of Chan's antics.

We look forward to the day all these lawsuits are over, Chan declares bankruptcy and his 15 minutes of fame have finally expired.

He made a mockery of his alleged former lover Wang with her gullibility in superstition and now he is paying the price.

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