Sunday, 6 May 2012

More Silly TV

It's a circus every Sunday night
Hong Kong's TVB channel has yet another entertaining game show on Sunday evenings called Battle of the Senses -- 五覺大戰.

It has a circus theme, though when you are talking about taste, touch, smell, sound and sight it's hard to understand why it's held under a big top.

The prelude has some starlets dressed in skimpy outfits who try to show off their moves in front of the camera, but really they seem more scared than trying to make love with the camera. So why be a wannabe star?

In any event there are two teams of three, two girls and one guy, all in showbiz. They are introduced one by one where they only have a few seconds to see, taste, touch, hear and smell random things they have to identify. Their prize? A giant tael of gold.

One would think a better idea would be for them to donate those to the charity of their choice, but alas we're in Hong Kong where people take what they can get.

The first game is watching a clip where the ringmaster, Chin Ka-lok (錢嘉樂), dressed in a race driver suit takes a pretty girl out for a spin -- literally.

He drives the car in crazy twists and turns while she in the back has to do various tasks. It's all set up as an entertaining gag watching the girls shriek and scream as they try to pour water into a glass, eat cake, do arithmetic or take pictures of themselves.

When it's all over the ringmaster of course is fine, while the girl in the back is either sick to her stomach, or covered in cake and water. How... delightful.

Check out the host and his sidekicks' outfits (centre)
After the clip is shown the contestants have to run to the microphone to answer the question correctly. Previously the female guests wore high heels, but because it's a dangerous sprint, they've now opted to wear sensible flats.

The next game is another set up to elicit laughs from the audience. One of the female contestants enters a pitch dark area where she has to touch three things and identify them. Special cameras allow the audience to see what's going on and most of the time the young women are screaming  "Oh my God!" or "I'm scared!" when they haven't even touched the object yet. How enlightening.

In today's show, some of the items were fresh fish heads, and a kind worm, many of them wriggling around in a bowl. Previously they've had the girls touch a guy with washboard abs for a more titillating effect.

Another game involves sliding food or objects down a table and see how far it goes without falling off, or seeing how many pearls in a milk tea pearl drink you can stuff in your mouth.

Yes it's all very intellectually challenging but for some reason I get sucked into watching it every time I'm near a TV.

Perhaps it's a reflection of how we're too stressed out and don't mind stupid gags to entertain us?

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