Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Fact of the Day: The Most Expensive Flat in HK

The Hong Kong property market is far from cooling.

A four-bedroom flat at The Cullinan, above Kowloon Station, was bought by a mainlander for HK$131.45 million ($16.95 million), or a record HK$50,772 per square foot.

Data from the Land Registry shows the flat was bought by Grand International Group Holdings, whose director is Li Yanan, a soccer player.

The 2,589 square foot apartment on the 82nd floor has a 632 square foot balcony and parking space.

Previously the most expensive flat per square foot was 39 Conduit Road for just under HK$64,000 per square foot. But then it turned out many deals in that real estate development were a sham cooked up by Henderson Land to boost property prices.

Wonder if this one is too?

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