Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Finality of Death

Li Junjie (left) with two police officers on the roof
Tonight everyone was talking about the young man who jumped to his death this afternoon from Chater House in Central.

The police confirmed a 33-year-old man surnamed Li jumped from the roof of the building around 2.08pm. While the company has not officially confirmed the man's identity, several employees identify him as having worked at JP Morgan, where the investment bank has its main regional headquarters.

Several policemen were seen on the roof of Chater House trying to persuade the man to step away from the edge, but Li jumped before Hong Kong emergency crews arrived. He landed on the four-lane westbound carriageway outside the building and was taken to Ruttonjee Hospital but was declared dead at 2.31pm.

According to some JP Morgan employees, Li was a junior-level investment banker who played supporting roles in several projects.

There's lots of speculation as to why this young man committed suicide: some theories say that he had just received a bad work appraisal, or that he screwed up on some trades.

More information will come out in the next few days, but one wonders why people choose to end their lives this way.

I still think about my friend Ying who also jumped to her death in Beijing last June, trying to comprehend why she didn't seek help and instead chose to burden her family and friends with grief.

Or perhaps they were living with demons we can't even begin to understand and for them the only solution they can think of is death.

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