Monday, 21 March 2016

Continuing to Woo China

Zuckerberg met with propaganda chief Liu Yunshan in Beijing
In the last few days Mark Zuckerberg has been in Beijing, continuing his quest to get Facebook unblocked in China.

He's in the Chinese capital to take part in the China Development Forum, along with Alibaba chief Jack Ma Yun, and International Monetary Fund's managing director Christine Lagarde.

On Saturday Zuckerberg managed to snag an appointment with propaganda chief Liu Yunshan, where Liu said the social media platform could share its experience with Chinese companies to help "internet development better benefit the people of all countries," Xinhua said.


Zuckerberg running along Tiananmen Square sans mask
Basically reveal Facebook's success secrets to China so that they can beat him at his own game?

One wonders what his response was...

Some critics chastise Zuckerberg for bending over backwards in his attempt to court China.

A few days ago he posted a picture of him and an entourage running by Tiananmen Square on Chang'an Avenue -- without a mask when pollution levels were pretty high.

There were some who felt he was trying to prove himself by not wearing a mask, and that what he was doing was dangerous.

Others felt it was time to give him a new meme for how far he'd go to win the approval of Zhongnanhai.

On Zuckerberg's desk (right) is a copy of Xi Jinping's book
But in the meantime many are using the #suckerberg hashtag to sum up their feelings towards the Facebook founder, who speaks horribly pronounced Putonghua, reads books by Xi Jinping and now runs around Beijing without taking his health into consideration.

If that isn't an attempt to placate Beijing for some leeway into the China market, I don't know what is...

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