Friday, 28 October 2016

The Mesmerizing Courtney Act

Courtney Act performing The Girl from Oz at Sevva
I'm still starstruck.

I've just come back from talking to and watching amazing drag queen Courtney Act at Sevva on the top floor of Prince's Building. Not only does she look fabulous but can really sing and hit those high notes.

Originally from Brisbane and grew up in Sydney, Shane Gilberto Jenek was an actor and performer, and around 2000 started dressing up in drag for fun and then realized he loved it so much.

Three years later Jenek tried to be a contestant on Australian Idol as himself, but was rejected so the next day he came as Courtney Act and ended up a semi-finalist on the show.

Courtney singing her heart out
And then in 2013 Courtney Act was in the sixth season of RuPaul's Drag Race and ended as a finalist, beaten out Bianca Del Rio.

In her career Courtney Act has performed with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, got to be on the roof of the Sydney Opera House and even be an ad girl for American Apparel.

She had come to Hong Kong before, but I hadn't seen her act until now and now I know why she's someone you cannot miss.

First of all, Courtney is damn attractive. Everything is so put together, the makeup is flawless, perfectly lined and tonight her eye shadow was glittery too. Then her wig put on made her look like a modern Marilyn Monroe.

Then it's about her body -- hardly any fat on it, perhaps because she's vegan, does a lot of meditation and drinks concoctions made from Chinese medicines. And her legs! So long and skinny. When she wears a corset, her waist is accentuated too!

Once Courtney starts singing, you could close your eyes and not even know it's a man singing. The voice together with a seductive strut and flirting with the men in the room, one can't help but be mesmerized.

The show she performed tonight was The Girl From Oz, singing a number of songs that have come from Down Under that you may or may not have known about. The Aussies in the audience couldn't help but beam with patriotism.

She clearly enjoyed playing with the men!
The more serious side of Courtney explained to me beforehand about how it's important for people to express themselves, and if it means men wearing eyeliner and high heels to a nightclub then so be it!

I asked if she felt like a role model, she said it helped many people feel it was OK to do what they wanted to do, or that it was OK to be attracted to men or women regardless of your sexual orientation.

Jenek is very happy to be a man and also to dress up as Courtney; she allows him to express another side of him, but at the same time not have to worry about being caught like celebrities without make up going to the grocery store because Courtney would never do that.

Seems like a neat gig he has there, and makes sense.

But what really impressed me the most was how Courtney was such an amazing person on stage -- confident, sexy, happy, witty and flirty -- clearly enjoying herself and entertaining her audience.

The passion for what she/he does comes through and is a good reminder for all of us to find what we love to do and sing our hearts out doing it.

Now if we could only figure out how he hides his package down there...

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